five year familyHello. Thank you for finding us. I’m Amanda and I am a wife to my dear husband, Andrew and a mom to our son, Oakley. Oakley is seven years old and will begin First Grade in the Fall. Before I tell you why I’m here, I first and foremost want you to get  know the boy who made me a mom.

Oakley came into the world on his own terms on a beautiful spring day in 2012. He was perfect and still is just as perfect as the day he was born. He is my dream come true. As I watched this little boy grow, I watched the beauty of how he saw the world, how simplicity made him the happiest, and just how much he changed the hearts of so many people who got to know him. Oakley is smart, kind, funny, and truly a one of a kind. He is almost always happy, never letting much ruin his day. He is strong, brave, fearless, and courageous. I am in awe of him every day and am blessed to be his mama.

As time went on, I began to notice Oakley was having a hard time in certain areas of development. Speech was regressing, he didn’t like a variety of foods, he became attached to certain items, and did things repetitively. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but as we continued on with his pediatric check ups, it became clear, Oakley was struggling. We sought therapy and with it, answers as to what was causing our boy distress. After almost a year of in home and outpatient therapy, Oakley was diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

For many families, getting the diagnosis seems as though it’s the end of the world. A day of doom and immediately there are thoughts of grief and loss with a side of what ifs and why mes. This wasn’t the case for our family. While we had a moment of despair, we quickly moved past that and became determined. Determined to find the joy, accept Oakley, to believe in him, and give him the tools to lead the best life possible. It wasn’t a matter of feeling sorry for the life we thought we would have, it was a matter of making the best of the life we were given. My husband and I didn’t look back. We looked to the days ahead with one mission. Make sure Oakley is safe, healthy, and happy. That is all that matters to us. Autism is not a death sentence. It is a different life. A beautiful life. It is what we choose to make it. Just because it is a different life, doesn’t make it wrong.

Here, you will find a page that is full of love, hope, and acceptance. A positive outlook on autism through the eyes of a mother that chooses to see the joy and chooses to be happy despite the hardships and worries. I hope you will join me on top of our rainbow.

“Autism is hard. Love is easy. My child is worth every moment.”- Fiona Goldsworthy