I’m Thankful God Chose to Give Me An Autistic Child

This Thanksgiving is bringing all kinds of feels for me. My son is seven years old and was diagnosed on the autism spectrum just a couple of months shy of his third birthday. The older he gets, the more bittersweet everything gets. The milestones, the memories of every day life, his growing independence, and his personality.

Time flies so fast when you’re loving every second of life, autism and all.

Yes, autism and all.

I love that my son is autistic. Sure, I don’t love things like the co-morbid condition of anxiety that can plague and consume his days. I do my best to ease that from him and make him as comfortable as possible. I don’t like anxiety- neither does he- but I love that he is autistic.

Autism makes my son who he is. Without it, he would be a totally different person. He wouldn’t carry all of the unique quirks and traits that make him him.

I’m thankful God chose to give me an autistic child.

I’m thankful that I get to see the world through a different lens every day. The lens my child grants me to see through and be in awe of.

I’m thankful that my autistic child has taught me to have a gentle heart. To understand that everyone is different and not all disabilities are physically visible.

I’m thankful that he’s taught me that simple is beautiful, and sometimes, better.

I’m thankful I now know what it means when I hear “The small things are big things”. It’s true and they are.

I’m thankful for this not so typical life. It’s different, but it isn’t wrong.

I’m thankful God chose to give me an autistic child.

Someone who teaches me about the world.

Someone to be my tour guide through this thing called life.

Someone to make me crazy about how picky and perfect he is about his food.

Someone who makes my heart jump out of my chest when he accomplishes something new, on his own time and in his own way.

Someone who I am in awe of every single day for the way his mind works.

Some who fills the house with the sounds of his stims, for without them, it would be too quiet.

I’m thankful God chose to give me an autistic child.

Because I’m a better person.

Because while some days can be hard, the days of joy are magnified because of the hard.

Because I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.

Because I get to love and be a mama to the greatest kid on Earth. A kid who is loving, kind, smart, funny, outgoing, brave, courageous, and fearless.

Thank you, God.A_DSC_5894.jpg


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