The Mountains and Meadows of autism.

Through the mountains and the meadows there is a family.

A family of only three, but a love so big it is earth-moving, gravitating, and endless.
Some days, we are hiking and trekking our way through treacherous routines, climbing steep mountains, and facing unpredictable obstacles and weather.

Some days, we are in a calm meadow- having a picnic, communicating our travels, and beaming in awe over a rainbow and a pot of gold found at the end of it.

This is somewhat my depiction of our life with autism.

It is a range of mountains. The trails are long, the hills are steep, and you never know what obstacle your child and you will face next.

In between those mountains are meadows. We sit and rest awhile, reflect on the journey that brought us here, and we relish in the triumphs.

We look ahead of us at the new range ahead. And because of the hard work it took to get here, because of the victories achieved, we look to the range with hope.

With effortless determination, with our little tour guide leading the way in his own pace, we continue to hike. We continue to climb. We continue to radiate that earth-moving love that got us to where we are.

Love will always see us through.20245794_1465919863499063_7841304608396362699_n

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